Feeding Your Diabetic Dog

Diet is very important in canine diabetes. Paying attention to what your dog eats will have a profound affect on the control of the diabetes.

The current recommendation for the dietary management of diabetic dogs is to provide a diet high in complex carbohydrates (starch and fiber), low fat, and no simple sugars. Dietary fiber slows the rate of digestion in the small intestine resulting in a slower release of nutrients into the dog’s circulation. In this way, dietary fiber helps moderate the increase in blood glucose after meals in a diabetic dog.

Semi-moist foods should be avoided as they contain simple sugars.

Most dog foods contain both soluble and insoluble fiber although higher percentages of insoluble fiber are desirable in the diabetic canine. Sources of insoluble fiber include

There are prescription foods for diabetic dogs that may be obtained only through veterinarians. These include ROYAL CANIN Veterinary Diet canine DIABETIC HF



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