Who We Are


The human involved in this website is Rebecca A Price MD, a retired General Surgeon and a true animal lover whose vocation is helping animals in need. The inspiration for this website is Parker, a lovely female Cairn terrier mix who developed diabetes at the age of 6. Apparently, her family decided that diabetes treatment was too much for them to handle. Parker was taken to a shelter.

Five minutes before she was put to sleep, Parker was rescued by a member of the Colonel Potter Cairn Rescue Network and placed in a caring foster home for 10 months. Although she thrived in foster care, as a "special needs" dog, she was slow to be adopted. We like to think she was just waiting for Rebecca and Paul to find her. Miss Parker (often called "Perfect Parker") now lives in Colorado with a pesky little Cairn brother, Newt, and several cats.


Miss Parker & Paul


Newt & Rebecca


This site is intended for information purposes only. Please consult your veterinarian about treatment for your diabetic dog.

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